EXHIBITION MANAGER (several positions open)

For our ambitious geographic deploying program of the Dalí Challenge experience, we are looking for a senior professional who will assume the on-the-ground management leadership of one of our exhibitions. After this first experience, she/he will be assigned to a new exhibition of the program or to a new program. During the coming 2 years we plan to bring the experience to specific cities in Spain, Portugal, China, Middle East, and Russia.

The candidate will be responsible for the following:

Before the opening:
o Working hand in hand with the exhibition development team and the corporate management to ensure that the experience is adapted to the specific requirements of the market and the exhibition venue.
o Recruit and train the local, temporary staff that will be involved for the daily operation of the exhibition.
o Together with the local exhibition management team and corporate management, define and manage the specific operations plan, and execute the tasks required before the opening (promotion, communication, local suppliers’ recruitment, etc.) so as the opening day everything is up and running as expected.
During the celebration of the experience:
o Leading the exhibition management team, and working with them:
– Overview the daily operations of the exhibition.
– Ensure that the experience is a success in terms of visitor satisfaction.
– Manage the resources to achieve the desired economic results.
– Maximize local impact with a view to generating brand equity for ArtDidaktik in front of local stakeholders.
– Achieve operational staff engagement to strengthen ArtDidaktik’s employer branding.
After the closing day of the experience:
o Together with corporate management and staff, ensure that the termination of all local contractual commitments is done properly.
o Report to corporate management on the overall results of the experience (economic, visitor satisfaction, operations, impact) and propose improvement opportunities from learnings achieved.
o Recover energies and get ready for the next challenge.

• Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Tourism, Hospitality management (or analogous), and/or proven experience and track record in the management of experiences or events of similar nature.
• Minimum 5 years of management experience.
• Excellent command of English is a must. Depending on each one of the positions open, working command of Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Arabic or Russian will be a valuable plus.
• Familiarity with immersive and multimedia technologies would be a plus, but not essential.

• Leadership skills required given the profile of most part of local staff (young, temporary, and part time).
• Attention to detail.
• Ability to deliver under pressure and to solve unexpected situations and/or in a promptly and effective manner.
• Verbal communication skills

• Competitive remuneration package given the selected candidate profile, including fix, variable and participation in phantom shares program.
• An opportunity to be part of a disruptive, ambitious start-up aiming to become the leader in its segment worldwide.
• Working hand in hand with the top management of the company in an entrepreneurial culture.
• International exposure and opportunities. Our priority markets at the moment are Spain, Middle East, China, Russia, Portugal, Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia (and expanding).
• Professional development and growth within the company.
• Lots of work and fun.
• ArtDidaktik is an equal opportunities employer.