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You Know Nothing About Me

The Dali Challenge is a unique and groundbreaking way to experience art, and it’s coming to Madrid! You will completely lose yourself in the dreams, obsessions and works of the genius who is Salvador Dalí and discover the true essence of his life, his work and the historical importance of this artist.

A guided journey through spectacular scenes and state of the art technology. More than 2000m2 of virtual reality, enlarged reality, audio visuals, micro mapping and the most extensive digital exhibition of the artists paintings in the world.


More than 150

A selection impossible to bring together with the original work in the same space.

An Enrapturing

A combination of visuals and technology dedicated to art that you will have never before experienced.

The Universe of

Our guided journey will instill in you everything you need to know about the character he was, his paintings and the times he lived in.

Under the auspices of
the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation

Supervised by experts in the great artist.

Amelia Prieto
Amelia Prieto
Una experiencia inolvidable. Muy completa, muchas actividades muy curiosas. Para conocer a Dali en todas sus facetas. Muy bien expuesto. Totalmt recomendable.
Carmen Chamorro
Carmen Chamorro
Aparte de conocer las obras geniales de Dalí, la Expo está muy bien montada, muy original y variada, de manera que se te hace corta y divertida.
David Mato
David Mato
Una increíble forma de conocer la obra y además la vida de un genio
Paloma Perruca
Paloma Perruca
Muy original. Me gustó mucho. Primero un recorrido por las pinturas más destacadas con un relato de audio ameno que te acerca a los cuadros, su contexto histórico y el motivo detrás de cada uno. Y en una segunda parte distintas salas muestran otras facetas del pintor, adentrándonos en su mundo onírico. Me parece una forma original de acercarse a Dalí, la recomiendo.
Paula I. D.Navajas
Paula I. D.Navajas
Ha sido una exposición estupenda, te muestra los recovecos de su vida y te acompaña a entender parte de sus inquietudes. Además no vicia el uso de nuevas tecnologías, te permite disfrutar de una experiencia genial sin perder la esencia básica de sus pinturas. Sin duda la recomiendo

The inspiration of Dalí, a flight through the settings of his work.

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There is no better gift in the world than sharing unique experiences with your loved ones. Offer a journey through the life, the works and the mind of the genius Dalí, a not to be forgotten experience in Madrid.

How much do you think you know about Dalí?

I challenge you to find out. His life, his work, the history of his time, his obsessions, the other sides to his life we know little about, lots more information and stories that will take you by surprise.

I challenge you to immerse yourself in a totally unique experience where you will travel under the guidance of a very personal story depicted in many spectacular settings brought to life by multiple interactive and audiovisual effects. Experience a journey, like you’ve never experienced before, of more than 150 digital paintings and many other immersive offerings of this incredible artist.

Join in on the extended unique experience taking place before during and after your visit with games, competitions and so much more to help you discover the complete essence of Dalí and his world with whom you will surely fall in love forever.

Accept the Dali Challenge and begin to become part of the Virtual Community of Art and Culture Enthusiasts, getting involved in one of the most revolutionary movements of edutainment worldwide.

Now, I ask you the question: Do you dare meet the genius of the 20th century like you have ever imagined in your wildest dreams?

I’m waiting for you at The Dalí Challenge.