“There is extreme beauty in the fact that there exist people whose task was, is, and will be, to create Art that makes us dream, awakening areas of our minds and hearts that, sometimes, we did not even know existed, thus bringing a special and irreplaceable touch to our lives. Creations that feed and expand what we call Culture, which is nothing more than our collective identity.


Those unique moments that we experience through painting, architecture, music, design, literature, theater, dance… are the kind of food for the soul that we want to bring to the world.


For Art is energy that elevates us, emanating directly from the human spirit: it is the intelligence dedicated to the dream of creation. Art beautifies life, educates emotions, stimulates intelligence and cultivates sensibility. It is the key that opens the floodgates of the most purely human and is one of the most valuable treasures that we share as a species.

Art is a fundamental piece -and perhaps the most beautiful- of Culture and this, in turn, is the best of the tools to build ties that link us, bring us closer, unite us. That is why we want to take care of it, protect it and spread it.


We dream of an active and curious community, connected by a passion for the artistic and cultural expression of the human spirit. For this reason, the ArtDidaktik Community of lovers of Art and Culture was born. We want Culture to be our flag and Art, our weapon to transform the world.


 Join this transformative journey, we need you.”


This Manifesto is extensive to the whole ArtDidaktik’s activity and the main guideline for our work. In other words, the ArtDidaktik style combines passion, top quality in its products and formats, innovation, rigor in every content, fun and a language which aims to be universal, as we focus on massive audiences as receptors of our productions.